Valentines Day Active Date Ideas

Not broken your New Year’s resolution yet? Or just looking for some Valentines day active date ideas. Not every activity needs to involve chocolate. Why not give these active date ideas a try this Valentines Day?

Yes, it is so hard to find something you both like doing, but maybe one of these Valentines Day active date ideas will hit the spot.

What to do on Valentines Day That Could Start a Healthy Habit

There are many activities that you and your partner may do separately. Why not try doing them together for a special date. You may find you enjoy working out together and this could be the start of a beautiful habit. Try jogging, going to the gym or even an exercise class together.

How About a Jog on Valentine’s Day?

Everyone goes out for a meal. Why not be different!

Jogging Treasure Hunt

This requires a bit of planning but your date will really appreciate it.  First, plan out your entire jogging route and choose a few treasure points along the way.  At each treasure point leave a small hidden token.

Then write up a few clues to help your date find each treasure point.  Carry these clues with you on Valentine’s Day and when you meet up with your date present them with the first clue.  Once they solve the clue jog over to the first treasure point and pick up the first token.

Then give them the next clue and jog over to the next treasure point to collect the next token.  Once your date has gathered all the tokens they can cash them in with you for their Valentine’s Day gift.

Jog & Play

Notice how much fun kids have when playing at the park? Another great way to turn jogging into an exciting Valentine’s Day date is to jog and play.  To do this, plan a jog in your local park.  Once you have both jogged for a while and decide it’s time for a rest, hit the play area and have some fun.   There are plenty of options here.  You can push each other on the swings, go on the roundabout or climb the climbing frame. Just don’t get stuck on anything!

Is The Gym a Good Valentines Day Active Date Idea?

You might be thinking, NO! But think again. Did you meet through shared similar interests? Do you both go to the gym separately? Make a date of it and I am sure it will be fun, romantic, and definitely memorable!

Build Your Workout Together

Before you set foot in the gym get together with your Valentine’s Day date and build a custom, combined workout.  Perhaps pick four exercises each to create a full workout.  This will allow you to both do some exercises you enjoy but also force you to step outside your comfort zone as you complete your partner’s favourite exercises.

Set Valentine’s Day Rewards

Once you have the workout finalised, the next step is to set a few fun Valentine’s Day rewards.  These are basically rewards for completing each exercise.  You could reward yourself with a chocolate heart later in the day for every exercise you successfully complete.  Alternatively, you could treat yourself to some wine in the evening provided that you complete the workout fully.

Relax In The Steam Room

After the workout you are probably both going to need a little rest and relaxation.  Hitting the steam room will allow you and your Valentine’s Day date to relax and recover from the workout.  It also has the added health benefits of boosting the respiratory system (by opening up the airways), boosting the skin (by increasing the flow of blood to the surface of the skin) and eliminating toxins from the body (through increased perspiration). You will look and feel great. Then it’s time to …

Go For A Celebratory Meal

After a workout one of the best ways to refuel is with a hearty meal.  So to finish the date off head to a nice restaurant and have a romantic meal.  This will give you the opportunity to talk and enjoy each other’s company.  You will also be able to indulge in the meal completely free of guilt as you will have burned plenty of calories at the gym.

I hope you love these Valentines day active date ideas as much as we do. What are your valentine’s day date ideas 2020? If you fancy something a little more original than the standard dinner and movie this year, try going on a gym date.

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