Best Toddler Gifts 2019

If you are going to buy a Christmas present for a toddler, you are probably already researching the best toddler gifts.

My toddler nephew just had his second birthday and so I have already spent a lot of time looking into the best toddler gifts around now. It is amazing how many different ‘must have’ toys there are!

Are Toddler Gifts Traditional or Trendy

Many of the best toddler gifts are toys that you and I might have played with. However, like so many things, toddler toys do change with the times.

Whether it’s for Christmas, a birthday, or “just because,” kids are on the receiving end of gifts quite often – from mom and dad, uncles and aunts, friends, and other family members. But the trends change fast, and you want to make sure you get the child in your life a toy they’ll cherish and be proud to own.

Best Toddler Gift Guidelines

Sometimes it can be difficult to shop for a toddler. You want to get them something that can keep them occupied, since they can get bored easily. But you also don’t want to get them something too complicated with pieces that they might eat or be unable to figure out.

You also want to be sure to get something durable, since accidents tend to happen. Luckily, there are plenty of good toy options out there for toddlers.

Types of Toys for the Best Toddler Gifts

There are many different types of toys. Some that stimulate learning or creativity, that nurture pretend play and more. You’ll find many toys that serve a dual purpose – one that benefits your child and isn’t just for the sake of having fun.

Electronic Toys

When I was a toddler my favourite toy was a push along dog filled with building bricks. How times change. Even children as young as two are quite happy playing with electronic toys.

One good option is anything with a simple remote control that can drive or fly around.

While there are complex versions of RC cars or helicopters, there are also rather simple versions that are toddler friendly.

Something like My First Cartoon Remote Control Race Car.

Thanks to the release of Toy Story 4 this year, there are going to be some Toy Story characters on many Christmas lists this year.

I am sure the Advanced Talking Buzz Lightyear will be a very popular choice.

You can get all different kinds, from characters from movies like Cars to more generic trucks. Either way, this is a surefire way to keep a toddler entertained for a long time.


Dolls, especially ones that can be dressed up, have been a consistently popular gift for toddlers for years now.

Cloth and rag dolls are my favourite type of dolls, even now. Brings back memories of my first doll, Susie.

The Mooshka Tots Dolls are a perfect size for toddlers and there are four to collect. However, it is likely that your toddler will fall in love with the first doll you buy, and one will be enough.

The dolls are made of fabric so can take a lot of ‘love’!

Newborn dolls are very popular with toddlers and there are some great models around like this 10″ vinyl baby doll.

It is a realistic looking baby but is the perfect size for a toddler to play with.

Things like Barbie dolls or Bratz that can be dressed up and accessorized can keep a toddler entertained for a long, long time. You want to be sure, though, that whatever you get them doesn’t have small parts, since those can be a choking hazard. Look for a toddler-friendly doll that’s age appropriate.


Toddlers love to emulate adults and do what they do. For this reason, playsets that recreate real life scenes are often big hits with toddlers. This could be things like a kitchen, workbench, doctor’s kit, and more.

These are often made with children in mind and don’t include any small parts and are usually pretty durable. Toddlers can spend hours on end with these pretending to be a doctor or a cook.

Building Blocks

For the more creative toddler, building blocks can be a fantastic option.

Whether it be the simple wooden blocks or something more advanced like magnetic bricks, a creative toddler can create an entire world that can entertain them for quite awhile.

The only thing you really need to watch out for is that the bricks aren’t left around, because they can hurt if they’re stepped on.

Arty Toys

Finally, something that they can use to draw is usually a type of toy that they’ll enjoy.

Drawing Mats are a great option. They let your child get messy, without getting too messy!

I love this one so much! I’m going to get it for when my nephew comes to visit. Who knows, I may even let him play on it too!

This is a great drawing board and I love the travel size version you get with it.

Who doesn’t love an Etch a Sketch? It’s got to be the classic red though.

Try this Learn and Groove Musical Table for a musical way to learn the alphabet.

There are tons of options here. They can get crayons, paints, markers, or something more technical like a screen writer or an Etch-a-Sketch. No matter what, kids will always enjoy drawing things – they just need the tools to do so.


Every child needs to receive a book at birthdays and Christmas. There are some lovely board books around that are great for toddlers.

Love this classic The Tiger Who Came to Tea.

I bought this Oh Dear lift the flap book for my nephew’s birthday. It is a lovely little book.

Hopefully you will have some great ideas for Christmas presents for the toddler in your family. Let us know your recommendations in the comments box.

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