5 Best Bath Toys for Toddlers – Christmas 2019

Bath toys make great Christmas gifts for toddlers as they are so much fun for everyone. Here are the 5 best bath toys for toddlers just in time for Christmas 2019.

Although bath toys are fun, many of them also encourage dexterity and help develop many skills. So your toddler can play whilst learning and improving their abilities.

We love our Top 5 list but let us know in the comments box if you know of any others. And make sure you check out our guide to the best toddler gifts for Christmas 2019.

So let’s take a look at our top 5 for bubbly fun. Plus an additional product at the end that you may find useful.

Top 5 Best Bath Toys for Toddlers

Building Pipes for Bath

Building Pipes for Bath is a really ingenious idea for a toy for bath time fun. There are different types of pipe which you can temporarily stick onto a tiled wall or the inside of the bath tub. Your child then has fun filling them with water and watching what happens.

  • 5 shapes of pipes.
  • Can be used individually or made into a chain.
  • Suction to the wall.
  • Scoop and pour fun.

Fish Net Game Bath Toy

The Fish Net Game Set is a set of toys, fishing rod and fishing net.

  • Children can ‘catch’ fish with either the rod or the net.
  • Sea creatures squirt water when they are squeezed.
  • Scoop water with 2 of the creatures.

Fishing Bath Toy

For toddlers that love bath time a Fishing Bath Toy is great fun.

  • Set contains a magnetic fishing rod and 3 sea creatures.
  • Realistic feel due to clicking sound of fishing rod.
  • Bright and colorful.

7 Piece Bath Toy Set

Make bath time fun with toys that squirt, bubble and swim. This 7 Piece Bath Toy Set is great for babies and toddlers.

  • 7 piece set with storage basket.
  • Colorful and playful.
  • Durable and great for developing your toddler’s skills.

Light Up Bath Goldfish

This is a great toy that is not only fun in the bath but also looks good in a bowl or even bird bath. The Light Up Bath Goldfish lights up as soon as it touches the water and changes color as it floats in the water.

  • Realistic floating 7″ koi.
  • Ideal size for toddlers hands.
  • Lights up in water.
  • Turns off when out of water.
  • Floats upright in the water.
  • Glows brightly and changes color.

Bonus Suggestion – Bath Toy Organizer

With so many fun toys in your bathroom, you will need an easy way to organize them. The Bath Toy Organizer is the perfect solution. Even toddlers can put away their toys in the multi pocket bath toy net bag.

Note that there are 5 different color organizers that are different sizes and come with different add on items.

These can be used in other locations as well as the bathroom and are great for travel.

  • Comes in 3 sizes – Original, Really Big and Double Twin.
  • Attaches to the wall with suction cups.
  • Additional suction cup hooks supplied for hanging other bath utensils.
  • Mesh allows toys to dry quickly.

Make Bath Time Fun with These Best Bath Toys for Toddlers Ideas

There is nothing that toddlers love more than splashing about in water. By giving them the best bath toys for toddlers that meet your needs, you can encourage them to have fun and learn.

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