Creative Couple Costume Ideas You Will BOTH Love


Do you have some great creative couple costume ideas for Halloween, but he is not so keen?

Yes, it is so hard to find Halloween costumes that you will both love. Especially the man in your life. So many of them just hate dressing up, which is SO wrong!

I have been trying to find some couples fancy dress ideas that we will both wear. It is not easy. But I have found some great ideas on Pinterest so I’d love to share them as they may help you too. Or two!

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So if you want the easy option, you can easily buy some Halloween costumes.

However, there are some great, and sometimes witty couples costumes that you can make yourself. That’s if you don’t want to BUY costumes for you both. Some of these ideas are not even that hard to make. These are great choices if you are not that crafty.

This one just makes me chuckle.

Creative Couples Costume Ideas - Tooth fairy and Dentist


Here are some great products that you can use to create the look yourself. Or a complete outfit rather than making the outfit yourself.

For any fans of Big Bang, this is a great costume duo. And easy too.


Here are some clothing ideas for AFF.



Be ready for that last minute Halloween party invitation – or have a party yourself – and tell everyone to come in costume. There are so many ideas online and fully assembled costumes that you can purchase for a fraction of the amount it would take to make or even rent one.

A costume set that will make everyone laugh is the Plug and Socket couples costume. This set comes with a giant socket tunic — giant gray sockets on the front and opening flaps for the prongs. The prong costume is made of white foam and has an elastic waistband with an attached “cord.” There are two large gold fabric prongs in front that “fit” into the socket. (Warning: Don’t wear these costumes to a church or school celebration!)


What goes together like bacon and eggs? No one will have to guess if you belong together when you wear the adult Bacon and Eggs couples Halloween costumes to the party. They’re made from lightweight foam covered with fabric that resembles bacon and eggs and easy to wear over clothing.


We’ve all laughed at the typical tourists in bright Hawaiian print shirts, shorts and the inevitable camera around the neck. Now you can recreate this hilarious couple by wearing the adult Tacky Traveller Tourist costume and be the stars of a Halloween party. The costume is unisex to be worn by men or women and includes the jumpsuit with a wire hoop for a “beefy” effect. Add a lei, straw hat, drinks, big bag and hang a camera around your neck and get ready for a good time.


Clark Kent and Lois Lane is another easy to make but still a creative couple costume idea.

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Creative Couple Costume Ideas

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