I am SO in Love With a Grey Christmas Tree This Year

I am a traditionalist. I would much prefer a real Christmas tree to an artificial tree. So why am I suddenly in love with a grey Christmas tree?

I saw a picture of somebodies tree and it looked lovely (though a little early!) and I thought how beautiful it looked. When I looked closely, I realised it was not a ‘real looking tree’ at all, but was a grey Christmas tree.

Why Would You Want a Grey Christmas Tree?

If I hadn’t seen the picture, but someone had mentioned that they had bought a grey Christmas tree my first thought would be that they were mad. Then I would wonder why anyone would want a grey Christmas tree.

Why Would You Want a Grey Christmas Tree?

Grey is often perceived to be a very nondescript colour. In fact, though I don’t admit this to anyone, grey is my favourite colour. It can look so classy and elegant and different shades of grey look lovely together. So why not a grey Christmas tree? With the right accessories you can create a really beautiful look.

Grey Christmas Tree Skirt

I am not entirely sure how I have missed the advent of Christmas tree skirts, but miss it I have. I am only now catching onto Christmas tree skirts so obviously need to buy one. Without looking too dull and gloomy, I think a grey Christmas tree skirt will look really nice and set off the grey Christmas tree to perfection. All without an overdose of grey!

Grey Christmas Tree Decorations

So what colour decorations would look nice on a grey Christmas tree? The beauty of it is that most colours will look lovely. You could choose between striking with bright colours or elegant with whites, silvers or golds.

Pink seems to be a big Christmas theme this year which would look beautiful on a grey tree.

My White and Grey Christmas Tree for 2021

This year I am throwing tradition out of the window and going for a grey tree. I had already decided that I would have a white Christmas theme this year, so I am going to stick with this. However, it was going to be white and gold but I am going to change it to white and silver.

This is the tree I wanted but unfortunately it was too big. That is such a shame as it looks beautiful.

This is the tree I have chosen this year. It hasn’t arrived yet but it sounds lovely.

A white furry Christmas tree skirt will complete the picture. My anti Christmas partner will just love it!

Could You Live With a Grey Christmas Tree?

So what do you think? Is this just a fad or a new tradition in the making. Let us know in the comments what you think about a grey Christmas tree this year.

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