Getting Organised for Christmas – Start Now for Less Stress

To some people, Christmas comes as a bit of a surprise. Despite being an annual event! Make this year a bit different, and start getting organised for Christmas now.

It is these same people who complain about the stress of Christmas. Is this you too? Everything is more stressful if you leave it to the last minute. So make this Christmas a bit less stressful by getting organised for Christmas early.

Autumn is the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas. It is starting to get cooler, but not so cold that you don’t want to go outside.

Start Getting Organised for Christmas 2021 Now!

I know that it seems early. Some people develop a love hate relationship with Christmas and so they don’t wish to acknowledge it, this early in the year.

However, Christmas is not going to go away. The more you ignore it, the larger it will loom. Christmas will become easier to manage, and less stressful, if you take it in smaller chunks. The reason it becomes so hard is because some of us leave it to the last minute.

If you start getting organised for Christmas now, you will find that baby steps are far easier than giant strides.

Start Getting Organised for Christmas 2018 Now

What is Holiday Stress?

Everyone has some stress in his or her life. Some days, that stress can balloon up until it feels like you’re staggering beneath the weight. Holidays have always been a major cause of anxiety but you can finally learn how to have a stress-free Christmas.

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Too Many Christmas Options

Holiday stress comes from many different directions. It comes from wanting to travel to see extended family and having to do the million and one things to get ready for a trip. Fun things like washing clothes, packing the suitcases, and finding someone to care for pets. Then there’s the shopping for gifts, food preparations, and late night holiday to-do tasks that never seem to end. Sound like you’ve been there before?

Is a Stress-Free Christmas Possible?

Christmas doesn’t have to be a hectic, stressful holiday. If it has been for you in years past, then it’s time to make some changes, and stop the stress before it has a chance to start this year.

Not only is stress not good for your health, but it’s also not good for others who deal with stressed out people! The holidays are meant to be slowly enjoyed, not rushed through trying to pack as much as we can into every moment and get everything just right. The meaning of Christmas has disappeared beneath an onslaught of activities and gift buying. It’s time to fix that.

Too Many Christmas Responsibilities

Narrow your focus. We take on too many responsibilities and then feel overwhelmed (and stressed and sometimes short tempered) at all we have to accomplish within a given time limit.

Christmas Activities

Spend your time and energy on what matters to you and your family and let go of the things that don’t. There’s no such thing as a perfect holiday. If your family doesn’t care if you make every party you’re invited to, then don’t go.

Delegation is Key to a Stress-Free Christmas

Learn to delegate chores. You can’t clean an entire home alone for the arrival of company if you’re trying to get all of the cooking and baking done, too. Enlist family members to help and if they can’t, consider outsourcing your holiday cleaning. There are many local cleaning firms who offer a one-off big clean. Make it a gift you give yourself to help you maintain a stress-free Christmas.

getting organised for christmas - Christmas Preparation

Christmas Preparation Checklist

Get organised. You need a Christmas preparation checklist. Knowing what you need to get done will help keep your focus. Keep all of your Christmas supplies organised and together. Things that you normally spend ages searching for like tape, scissors, gift tags, and gift-wrap. 

Try one of these great wrapping paper organisers to help keep your supplies tidy and handy.

You’ll save time if you don’t have to constantly search for what you need. Eliminate any last minute running around for forgotten items at the shops by making a list.

This is the organiser that many people seem to be really happy with, especially as it is so easy to store.

Read the 5-star reviews here.

Budget for Christmas

Throughout the year, finances can be a major cause of stress but that stress can grow during the holidays due to overspending. People don’t overspend at Christmas because they’re bad people. They overspend because they want to give. But when the holiday is over and those bills roll in, it can take a toll. Instead, stick to a spending limit this Christmas.

Your Christmas List Should Include Visits

Just as important as sticking to a budget is sticking to a time limit. It’s no fun rushing around, trying to cram months’ worth of visiting loved ones into a few days. Know ahead of time who you’ll visit, on what day and what time you should leave. Making a list takes some of the spontaneity out of it, but it also helps you enjoy a stress-free Christmas too!

Christmas Preparation Checklist

Start Preparing for Christmas 2021

As you can see, getting organised for Christmas doesn’t need to dominate the next few months. Making a list and adding a few simple tasks, to be done over a period of time, will really help. It is that easy to reduce your stress so start getting organised for Christmas as soon as you can.

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