Elegant Christmas Decor – Give Your Home an Elegant Christmas Look

You have probably planned the decor in your house quite carefully. So why should your Christmas theme be any different? Elegant Christmas decor is easy to achieve with a bit of planning.

It shouldn’t involve spending large amounts of money either. If you stick to the same colour theme each year, you can build up your decoration collection. Your choices should reflect your taste, rather than just being a statement. You should build up your theme and love your elegant Christmas decor colour scheme and style.

Start planning your elegant colour scheme now. This post covers more about getting organised for Christmas.

Where to Start Creating Your Elegant Christmas Decor?

Everyone loves the thought of an elegant holiday, but without a degree in Christmas decorating, it’s hard to know exactly how to go about making your own holiday have that elegant look. 

With the tips listed below, you can have the kind of décor you’ve always wanted. Elegance equals unity. This is where many people go wrong when decorating for Christmas. They simply use too many colours – and while that might turn out to be eye catching, it’s distracting and busy. 

I sometimes do this when I want an eye catching look. Last year it was reds, purple, and turquoise. It looked lovely. But probably not elegant.

Which Are Your Christmas Colours

Which Are Your Christmas Colours?

You want the colours to work together and cool colours are always more elegant than warmer ones. For example, red and green decorations, while traditional Christmas colours, when placed together, don’t project an air of elegance.

Elegant Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

The top two choices for elegant colour are gold or white or gold and white together. You need to go with those colours throughout your home – one smooth colour scheme. It may seem like white won’t look very inviting or seem very much like Christmas, but wait until you have it all together and you’ll be amazed.

As part of your Christmas preparations, decide upon your colour scheme early. You can then buy decorations, when you see them. 

Use your christmas decorations wisely

Elegant Outside Christmas Lighting

On your walkway outside, use white lighting along the walkway and leading up to the front door. For elegance in electric lighting, never pick the bigger lights. Opt for the smaller ones inside – and yes, even outside your home.

Have you ever noticed how some restaurants use those tiny white Christmas lights all year round? That’s because those lights project an elegant dining experience. When you’re placing lights on your tree, use the smaller lights and use as many strands as your tree can comfortably hold.

Fresh Flowers Enhance Your Christmas Look

Instead of choosing poinsettias as your flower to decorate with, choose dozens of white roses and put them in delicate glass vases throughout your house.

For a table centrepiece, place white pillar candles on a mirror base. Cover the edges of the base with gold or white ribbon. 

Fresh Flowers Enhance Your Christmas Look

Use Your Christmas Decorations Wisely

Decorate the corners of the rooms with different wrapped gifts. Make sure the gifts are wrapped in gold paper and tied with white ribbon bows or do the opposite. Wrap the gifts in white paper and use gold ribbon to form the bows.

Take a collection of Christmas balls in white (or gold if you’re working with two colours) and place them in a large, heavy glass bowl. Place the bowl in the centre of your coffee table. Replace all of the different coloured guest towels in each of your bathroom with thick white ones. Lay a small hand towel beside each sink and place a gold ribbon around the middle of it.

christmas decorations include towels

Food Fits Into Your Elegant Christmas Decor Too

When it’s time to serve the meal, serve the food on only white dishes or gold ones. If you use place cards, use white cards with gold calligraphy writing. When you’re finished with your Christmas decorating, your home will have that elegance you’ve been striving to achieve.

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